A Guide on Gas Furnace Prices

Most people do not think about what type of furnace they have in their home until cold weather arrives. When the cold wind is howling around the corner of their home, they want to know they can depend on their furnace to maintain a comfortable environment in their home. They are also concerned about high heating costs, and want to know the furnace they have is as efficient as possible.

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In past years many people used wood, coal and fuel oil as an energy source, but natural gas is now the fuel that provides the most heat at the lowest price. The lower cost of natural gas is probably the result of its increased availability, a result of the relatively new gas fracking industry.

If the furnace you have in your home is more than 10 years old, it probably is not as efficient as a newer one would be. Although installing a new furnace that is more efficient will require an immediate investment, the amount saved in energy costs and a more comfortable home environment will make the expense worthwhile. If you are concerned about helping to preserve the environment, using less energy will give you a good feeling about your choice. The more efficient gas furnaces of today can save up to $17 per $100 compared to fuel used by older models. The time required to recover the cost of your new furnace will vary, depending on the region you live in and whether or not your home is well insulated.

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Gas furnace CostIt is important to consult with a few different contractors about which type of furnace will be your best choice. A HVAC contractor can calculate the efficiency and cost of several furnace models for your home. The cost of a new furnace that is adequate for the average sized home ranges from about $2,300 to $3,000. Ask the contractor if the model you are considering is less than two years old.  Before making your decision, and in the process of calculating the total cost of the furnace and its installation, make sure the contractors provide a complete quote including the cost of any additional venting. Click here for more info: http://topfurnaceguide.com/prices .

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If you home does not already have a programmable thermostat, ask the contractor to install one as part of the furnace installation. This makes it easier to reduce your energy costs while still keeping the temperature of your home at a comfortable level. You can set your thermostat at a reduced level during the day while you are gone, and also during the night.