My Opinions on Gas Furnace Prices

priceThought I’d write up this little blog to help you all understand what a gas furnace costs. My name is Jim Dingle. I’ve been a furnace tech for over 5 years.

Gas Furnace Prices Vary

There are many reasons why you should shop before you buy any large purchase. This would obviously also apply to a new gas furnace. A gas furnace is an integral part of your home’s heating system and if you live in a climate that has temperatures dropping below freezing during the winter, it is important to have a good working furnace.

There are many quality furnaces on the market today. They will vary in price depending on certain criteria. For example, the Goodman Gas Furnace GMH950904, 95, 90K BTU sells for approximately $950. This is a gas two-stage furnace with a 95% efficiency rating. This product is made in the United States and has an Energy Star rating. The product comes with a 10 year parts warranty and is available in LP-Propane models. Other Goodman models can go as high as $4000.  Find more prices here:

The 100,000 Btu Afue York Modulating Gas Furnace – YP9C100C20MP12 sells for approximately $2300. It has a modulating heating operation which includes a modulating gas valve and inducer. It is easily to install in both the up-flow or down-flow positions. It comes in a 33 inch tall cabinet which is compact and considered the ideal height. For a cooling enhancement it has an ECM variable speed drive. When you connect the power control wiring you will find that it has an easy-access capability. York furnaces range between $1200. – $2300.

The Amana AMVC951155 Gas Furnace, Two Stage Burner/Variable Speed Blower, Upflow – Horizontal Low NOx 95 AFUE 115,000 BTU sells for approximately $2000. It is a natural gas furnace that can be easily converted to propane. However, you will need to purchase the optional propane conversion kit. It has an aluminum-steel tube type furnace heat exchanger and it is corrosion resistant.

It also comes with a recuperative coil which is stainless steel and will provide maximum efficiency. This furnaces designed for a multi position installation. More on Amana here.

The final furnace in our comparative list is a Williams Chimney Vent Gas Wall Furnace 35,000 BTU. This furnace retails for approximately $960 and is normally sold to people who own smaller apartments or dwellings. It can heat up to three average size rooms. It comes with a 75% efficiency AFUE rating, thermostat, and blower motor.

As you can see there is a lot of price difference between these gas furnaces. This will help you to appreciate that you need to do your homework before you purchase a gas furnace as there are many features that are included with some but not with others.

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